Food + emotions = skin condition

I got the unfortunate surprise over the past week to wake up and look like a 13 yo version of myself. I discovered my forehead and neck were covered in overnight-grown acne. How terrible…

I don’t usually have bad skin, I am healthy, never had major acne and I drink a lot of water so I wondered where those pimples came from. I browsed through the internet and discovered the term ‘face mapping’.

It’s basically a face map that tells you what causes each region’s acne. I found it actually fascinating as it all made sense so me. So here is a summary of what I learnt about face mapping:

FOREHEAD: This acne is related to your digestive system and is caused by greasy/fat food. Try to avoid dairy, fat meats and processed sugar.

NOSE: food-related as well, linked to your arteries. Try and regulate your stress as it causes this region’s acnee too.

CHEEKS: lungs related region. Try and reduce / avoid smoking! Cardio is also a great way to improve your lungs and therefore cheeks condition.

SIDE CHIN/JAW: related to your hormones and is actually the harder region to “work on”. I’d recommend researching more but zinc and vitamin C help.

CHIN: related to your stomach, try to avoid spicy / greasy / fat food as well as dairy and meat (pretty much similar to the forehead cause). Start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon about 30 min before your breakfast, it will help prepare your digestive system.

NECK: related to your immune system, it means your body is fight some bacteria or virus. Try and get as many antioxidant to help your body. My favourite antioxidant foods are: goji berries, bluberries, dark chocolate, artichokes, cranberries and blackberries. Get your blender out and make some delicious and healthy berry smoothies !

I’m going to apply my own advice/ research to myself, hopefully I can get rid of that sudden acne attack on my face/neck 😦

– Henrietta Harris art




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