Healthy series: Shopping edition


  • I carry around a small bag in case I need to purchase anything. It allows me to refuse the plastic (or non-plastic) bags that are given to me and that I hardly use
  • Since I started to shop in bulk as much as possible, I keep a canvas bag full of glass jar and containers so I can refill them. Their size fits my needs for each item I purchase (e.g. a large honey jar for pasta or rice, an old mustard jar for nuts etc)
  • Along with the above bulletpoint, I gave a second life to old pillow cases by sewing them to create reusable shopping bags from my fruits, veggies and nuts. It took me a couple of hours to make about 10 bags but I customized them to the desired size and even shape. I recently realized those disposable plastic bags my local shop gave me for fruits and veggies were only used for 20 min – the time for me to pay and take the items back home. I don’t even keep those bags in my fridge, so I thought a custom-made-pillow-bag alternative was a good way to avoid wasting these bags
  • Anytime there is an online alternative to a receipt or ticket, I go for it. Who needs a printed ticket when you can have it on your smartphone?

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