Heatlhy series: Food edition

  • Purchased and using a reusable and sustainable coffee cup made of bamboo and corn to avoid using disposable cup that I used for literally 10 min (fast coffee drinker, I know)
  • Making my own granola, protein bars, snacks, yogurts, and pretty much as many meals as I can. Why? Simply because most things I buy I find too high in sugar or salt, my taste is quite simplistic so I thought I may as well try and make my own to my taste. Worked pretty well for me, although I didn’t stop buying not-homemade-food
  • Only drink from my reusable bottle. I stopped buying plastic bottles (or avoid as much as I can) since I drink liters of water everyday, I prefer having my own bottle to refill
  • Bringing my meal at work / university. It goes with the second bulletpoint, instead of buying food I prefer making my lunchbox and snacks so that I know I love my food. The only issue I found was that it doesn’t leave room for spontaneous craving, but well..

List to be updated as I go 🙂
I’m happy to have recommendations on how to improve my food list


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